There is no shortage when it comes to articles about entrepreneurship or blogs by entrepreneurs. In fact, sometimes it can be overwhelming. With the vast array of content available on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.com alone, it’s easy to start suffering from information overload.

Of course, the more articles about entrepreneurship you read (assuming you are reading quality material) the better, but for those looking for something new or a place to start, here is a list of 10 great blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners, some of which will hopefully be new to you.

The list is split into two groups: aggregator sites covering a wide range of topics and authors, and blogs developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Aggregator Entrepreneur Websites

Octane Blog
Octane Blog is produced by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global network of 13,000 entrepreneurs that has been around for over 30 years. You can learn more about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization on their website, but you don’t have to join to enjoy their blog. Octane Blog covers a variety of topics written by a number of influential guest writers as well as news posts by members. With almost 40 categories, the blog covers a lot of ground with topics such as mentoring, sales, technology, best practices, and many others. Many of the articles for entrepreneurs are centered on how-to content, like their recent “How To Successfully Use A Podcast For Business Growth” or real world experience articles like “What Can You Learn From the Early Failures of Today’s Billionaires?”.

This blog describes itself as a blog “of actionable resources for entrepreneurs and business people”. Founded by Saheed Oladele, an entrepreneur and electrical engineer, the website provides a range of resources to help you start and run a successful business. From business strategy and startup tactics to advice and experiences from successful CEOs, there is a good mix of how-to articles and real-life stories. With categories spanning finance, management, entrepreneurship, startups and biographies, you can dig deep on one subject or browse them all.

AllBusiness is a resource specifically made for small business owners that features advice from industry experts and entrepreneurs. Content is added daily and you can search by topic for the type of content you are interested in. AllBusiness provides practical advice for business owners including how-to articles, tips, news, and feature stories around the current challenges facing small businesses. With over 60 sub categories across sections such as getting started, finance, sales and marketing, operations, and others, this is a great one-stop-shop for small business entrepreneurs.

Founded by media professional Tarmo Virki and entrepreneur Dmitri Sarle, Co-Founder makes for an interesting read because the content it serves is long-form, “analytic storytelling”. Although it is based in Europe and written for the European entrepreneurial community, it covers news from around the globe and tackles topics that apply to businesses located in the United States as well. Current blog topics include a how-to on influencer marketing, startup maturity models, and a feature article on the U.S. based Mapbox startup success story.

MarTech Zone
If you are looking for a deep dive into marketing technology, this is the site for you. MarTech is a leading publication for learning how to use technology and marketing platforms to grow business. But be warned, a lot of the articles get into highly specific and technical territory. For those wanting to learn all they can (for free at least) about marketing technology, this is an absolute boon, while those just dipping their toes in the water may feel overwhelmed. Founded by Douglas Karr, the blog’s mission is “to expose Marketers to information that can help them improve their marketing results”. If this sounds like you, check them out.


Solo Blogs

Seth’s Blog
The bestselling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin should need no introduction, but have you visited his blog? Housed separately from his website, the blog offers short and sweet posts that touch on a variety of entrepreneurial, marketing and business topics. Although his daily posts are not in-depth articles, they are a fast, efficient read that will get you thinking—and in some cases, spur you on to learn more.

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield is a social marketing megastar. After leaving the corporate world where she worked with top brands like Harley-Davidson and Tony Robbins, Porterfield struck out on her own and went on to become a 7-figure entrepreneur with bestselling online courses, a top-ranked business podcast and a co-authored book “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies”. You can learn from her via her podcast or blog articles on her website, although the blog posts can be a little tricky to find. From the main site, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find three collections: Start Strong, Scale Fast and Sell More. Click the collection that best describes the content you would like to access and start reading.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog
Whether you love or hate his brazen persona, there’s probably a good deal you can learn from the entrepreneur who took his father’s local liquor store and turned it into a wine e-commerce store that grew to $60MM in sales in just five years. For those of you new to the entrepreneur scene, Vaynerchuk is a high profile entrepreneur that today runs several companies including VaynerMedia, is a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and angel investor. Vaynerchuk understands that time is precious, and for that reason his blog posts are short reads with the read time posted right under the headline. Scroll through and click on whatever takes your fancy or you can use the search bar to find blogs relating to specific topics.

Occam’s Razor
If you want to learn about online marketing and web analytics, Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik is worth checking out. Author of two bestselling books “Web Analytics 2.0” and “Web Analytics: An Hour A Day”, Kaushik is also a successful entrepreneur and public speaker who seeks simplification in the complex world of data. Kaushik provides incredibly useful information and analysis on a range of online marketing subjects, from increasing conversion rates to building a digital analytics strategic framework and so much more, complete with screenshots and whiteboard sketches.

Penelope Trunk’s Blog
Step into the world of Penelope Trunk, founder and CEO of Brazen Careerist. The founder of four startups, the most recent being Quistic, which provides online courses in career management, Trunk gives an intimate look into the life of a serial entrepreneur. Covering her personal experiences and peppered with business and career advice, it is a breath of fresh air in what sometimes feels like an impersonal, results-driven, productivity-focused blogger sphere.