4 Time Management Tips to Help You Leave Work at Work

As a business leader, there are constant and competing demands for your time. Your days are overscheduled. Your to-do list seems to never end. And don’t even think about the perpetual pile of follow-ups. Here’s the question: Is this the way work has to be in the 21st...
Lalique Feature: Tête De Paon

Lalique Feature: Tête De Paon

The Tête De Paon or Peacock’s Head as it is known in English, is another bird statue in the Lalique car mascot collection created by René Lalique from 1925 to 1931.

Four Tips That Will Help You Get Through Boring Tasks At Work

Monotony. Even the most engaged employees can experience it when faced with tedious tasks: “I dread filling out paperwork.” “If I have to make another vendor call, I’ll go crazy.” “Copy and paste. Copy and paste. I went to college for this?” Even with the incredible...

Tips at Succeeding as a Late-Career Entrepreneur

Recent research from Northwestern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has revealed that the average startup founder is not, in fact, a geek-chic millennial holding a freshly printed Ivy League degree. A team of researchers combed through data from...