The second quarter of 2019 is off to a great start with a huge month in the awareness campaign world this April. From jazz to math appreciation, health awareness to making a commitment to moving more, there is plenty going on all month long. There’s also a slew of awareness days and weeks, Easter, and a little silliness thrown in for good measure with days like national peanut butter and jelly day. So get out and get involved all month long!


IBS Awareness Month


With irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affecting up to 15% of the population, it’s a condition that more people need to be aware of. IBS Awareness Month attempts to do just that, spreading the word about diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes that can be employed for those suffering from IBS.

Jazz Appreciation Month


Also known as JAM, Jazz Appreciation Month was founded by the Smithsonian Museum in 2001. It’s a month-long celebration of the history of jazz that encourages people to learn more about jazz music, listen to jazz and attend concerts. This year’s theme, Jazz Beyond Borders, explores how jazz can unite people from different places and cultures, also celebrated in the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra’s 2019 global tour.

Mathematics & Statistics Awareness Month


This month-long awareness campaign is dedicated to driving more appreciation of mathematics and statistics. Both of these fields play vital roles in problem solving, which is not only important in our everyday lives, but as key factors in the development of new technology and innovation. That’s why the American Mathematical Society has dedicated April to furthering the understanding of both mathematics and statistics.

International Cesarean Awareness Month


Cesarean Awareness month aims to educate people about the procedure and the potential complications. The number of women in the United States and many other countries having cesarean sections has risen steadily over the last 50 years, with 1 in 3 births being by cesarean by 2007 in the U.S. compared to just 1 in 20 in the 1960s. While there are many instances where a cesarean must be performed, there is concern that many women are having cesarean sections unnecessarily. The International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) aims to reduce preventable cesareans and improve maternal-child health through education and advocacy.

Move More Month


Brought to you by the American Heart Association, this awareness campaign encourages everyone to commit to being more physically active during April and all the months of the year. There are so many easy ways to incorporate more activity into your everyday life, and Move More Month makes it even easier with toolkits for schools, workplaces and individuals. So celebrate Move More Month by learning how you can become – and stay – more physically active for better health.

Parkinson’s Awareness Month


This campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system that will affect one million people in the U.S. by next year. It is a progressive disease with symptoms that start gradually, often as an almost unnoticeable hand tremor. Over time, sufferers may develop tremors, stiffness, slowing of movement and slurred speech. Although the disease cannot be cured, there are medications that can help. Parkinson’s Awareness Month also aims to increase the visibility of the Parkinson’s Foundation, which works hard to improve the lives of people with the disease through better care and advancing research for a cure.


World Homeopathy Awareness Week
April 10 – 16


World Primary Immunodeficiency Week

April 22 – 29

World Immunization Week

April 24 – 30


Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

April 29 – May 3


APRIL Awareness Days & Holidays

April 2: World Autism Awareness Day, International Children’s Book Day, National PB&J Day

April 7: World Health Day

April 9: National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

April 10: National Siblings Day

April 11: World Parkinson’s Day

April 12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

April 13: International Functional Neurological Disorder Awareness Day

April 16: World Voice Day

April 17: World Hemophilia Day

April 19: Good Friday

April 21: Easter Sunday

April 22: International Mother Earth Day, Girl Scout Leader’s Day

April 23: UN English Language Day, World Book Night

April 24: Stop Food Waste Day

April 25: World Malaria Day, World Penguin Day, Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

April 26: World Intellectual Property Day, National Arbor Day

April 28: World Day for Safety & Health at Work

April 30: International Jazz Day