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David Disiere’s collection spans many historical tomes, however, his collection of Captain James Cook related books, documentation, maps and paintings is one of the most interesting, and significant collections. Both David and his wife Teresa are self-professed fans of the British explorer, fascinated by the man and his voyages.

Captain James Cook (7 November, 1728 – 14 February, 1779) was a naval captain, cartographer, navigator and explorer who undertook three voyages to explore the Pacific Ocean, achieving the first recorded European contact with the eastern coast of Australia, the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. Captain Cook was killed in 1779 during a skirmish with the Hawaiian natives. Esteemed as much for his courage and ability to lead men under adverse conditions as his cartography skills, Cook left a legacy of geographical knowledge that would shape the course of history.

David Disiere’s collection includes a number of important research materials, original maps, books and art depicting Cook’s voyages. His interest in the explorer boils down to the simple fact that David believes Captain Cook to be “the most courageous guy who ever lived”.