The Dual-Ghia was once one of the most sought after vehicles of the rich and famous. With only around a hundred ever produced, the saying used to go “If you can’t get a Dual Ghia, you’re going to have to settle for a Rolls Royce”.

Engineered by Chrysler in Detroit on a Dodge frame with V-8 power, the stylish bodywork and interior of the vehicle was constructed by famous coachbuilder Ghia in Italy. During the Dual-Ghia’s brief production run, it is estimated that only 99 to 117 were produced, with the majority made up by the convertible and only two vehicles designed as coupes. No production records were kept, so the true number manufactured will likely never be known.

The Dual-Ghia was elegance on wheels during an era of flamboyance. Its understated design with slab sides and minimal tailfins gave the car a sleek sophistication that set it apart from any other vehicle at the time. The attention to detail was impeccable, each vehicle handcrafted to the highest standard with luxury materials, a hallmark of Dual-Ghia craftsmanship.

With its stylish design, the handmade Dual-Ghia was a favorite of Hollywood stars, especially the infamous Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra owned one, as did Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and Debbie Reynolds. Extremely rare and exorbitantly expensive, it was the ultimate symbol of taste and wealth.

Although the vehicle in David Disiere’s collection was not previously owned by any famous Hollywood celebrities, it is in original condition and a fabulous example of the beautiful 1957 Dual-Ghia styling.

In its heyday the Dual-Ghia Convertible cost around $8,500, which was a tremendous amount of money considering new car prices averaged around $2,000. Today, the Dual-Ghia continues to command top dollar, with sale prices reaching half a million dollars at auction.