Established in 1967 by Francis Disiere, Deep South Insurance went on to become one of the most successful insurance managing general agencies in the United states under the leadership of David Disiere. Taking over from his father as CEO in 1987, David Disiere grew Deep South Insurance into one of the nation’s largest providers of commercial auto insurance, with an extensive portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of independent insurance agent customers nationwide.

Moving the company headquarters to Dallas and growing operations across the country, David Disiere turned a small family-owned business that started with just three employees into a company employing over 400 people and operating nine regional offices in Shreveport, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, Little Rock, Cincinnati, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Miami, Los Angeles and New England.

The success of Deep South Insurance was built on a mission to provide innovative, industry-leading services. A progressive company, Deep South Insurance adapted its strategic vision to meet the needs of the rapidly changing world of commercial auto insurance and risk management in order to provide the most cost-effective insurance offerings on the market.

Hiring knowledgeable people, passionate about the insurance industry, was also key to the success of Deep South Insurance, along with the deployment of a regional office network and investment in state of- the-art technology. Servicing customers efficiently in the insurance business requires people located close to customers, which Deep South Insurance ensured through its regional network of nine offices across the country. As a multi-location enterprise, technology was hugely important to the company’s success, and Deep South Insurance invested considerable dollars into technologies and systems to effectively manage policy administration, claims management and loss control.

In addition to providing commercial auto insurance, Deep South Insurance also provided commercial property insurance, general liability insurance protection, umbrella and excess coverages, along with other products. Generally, the Deep South Insurance product offerings included:

Transportation Products                Commercial Products          Inland Marine

Business Auto                                      Property                                  Contractors Equipment

Local Trucking                                     General Liability                    Cargo

Intermediate Trucking                      Inland Marine                         Electronic Data Processing

                                                               Garage                                      Installation Floaters

The success of Deep South Insurance in the commercial insurance industry can be boiled down to three key service differentiators – referred to by Deep South Insurance as the “Three Q’s”

  • Quick Process Turnaround

With underwriting and decision-making taking place at each Deep South Insurance regional office, Deep South Insurance was able to respond quickly to the needs of independent agents and their customers.

  • Quality Risks

Specializing in commercial insurance products for companies with favorable loss experience and a strong emphasis on safety, Deep South Insurance focused considerable resources on managing loss control activities.

  • Quick Strike Claims

Through its Quick Strike Claims program, Deep South Insurance was able to deliver on the promise of each policy quickly and effectively.

In 2008, David Disiere sold Deep South Insurance to longtime partner QBE U.S. Agencies, a subsidiary of QBE Insurance Group, Ltd, one of the 25 largest global insurance and reinsurance companies.

David Disiere continued to serve as the company’s CEO for eighteen months after the $190 million sale to ensure a successful transition, then went on to establish QEO Insurance Group, a turnkey operation providing commercial transportation insurance

QEO is a specialty underwriter facility primarily serving the energy, construction, and local and intermediate delivery markets.