Although one of the more common hood ornaments from the Lalique collection, Saint Christophe was popular for a reason. After all, what better mascot to have perched on the front of your automobile than the Patron Saint of Travelers?

Depicting Saint Christopher carrying the Christ child on his shoulders on a glass disc, the statue stands just over five inches tall and due to its smaller base size, would have been mounted on a small split collar. First introduced in March, 1928, Model 1142 is one of the few that the Lalique factory continued to produce after WWII. Due to this, extra care may be needed in evaluating each Saint Christopher piece to as value may increase or decrease based on production year. Although most commonly found in clear and frosted glass, amethyst tinted examples were also created.

The figure of Saint Christopher in the design appears on bended knee, leaning on a large wooden staff in order to raise up a small child on his shoulders who is denoted as Christ via the symbolic lines radiating from the child’s head. The scene depicts the story of Saint Christopher, who served his Christian faith by helping travelers cross a dangerous river. One day as he carried a child across the river, the child grew so heavy that he was not sure they would make it. The child revealed himself to be Jesus Christ, and explained that his incredible heaviness was the weight of the world’s sins. When they arrived safely, the child turned his staff into a flowering tree and baptized him Christopher, which means “Christ-bearer”.

The Saint Christopher car mascot is one of only three from the Lalique collection that was designed in a flat disc, the other two being The Archer and The Greyhound. As one of the more common Lalique car mascots, the Saint Christopher can usually be found in good condition from around $300 to $1,500.

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