At a diminuitive two and a half inches tall, the Tete D’Epervier, or Hawk Head as it’s called in English, is hard to describe without using the word cute. The smooth curve of the bird’s head meets a pointed beek and wide, alert eyes, and clear, distinct lines create a minimalist design that perfectly captures the essence of the hawk. If it were a foot tall, it would be an imposing piece indeed, however, with it’s tiny stature, the Tete D’Epervier is…cute.

Created in 1928, the Hawk Head is model 1139. It was designed with an incorporated round base and examples can be found in clear, dark abmber and opalescent glass.

The Tete D’Epervier car mascot is one of many birds found within the Lalique collection, taking it’s place among the eagle, falcon, peacock, owl, guinea fowl and swallow.

Today, a number of Tete D’Epervier examples can be found on the market ranging from as little as $400 to $8,000. This is not, however, a reflection of potential value of all Hawk Head mascots. The value of any collectible such as a Lalique hood ornament can vary widely at any given time dependent on market demand, condition and the history attached to each specific piece.

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