Standing at approximately 14 cm tall, the Chrysis is a sensuous display of the female form. The kneeling figure leans backward with arched back, arms thrust into the air and fingers entwined in her flowing hair, as if throwing all inhibition to the wind.

Designed in frosted glass and mounted to a round base, the Chrysis is a voluptuous design that evokes passion, and is most beautiful when lit from beneath, the figure glowing with arms outstretched in abandon.

The Chrysis, also known as model 1183, was produced in 1931. It is one of two female statues designed by Lalique, the other being the forward-leaning Vitesse.

Depending on the condition of the individual piece, the Chrysis can fetch anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 and beyond.

The Chrysis, along with the other mascots, forms David Disiere’s complete Lalique collection. Look out for more features on the stunning Lalique mascots over the coming months as we showcase Disiere’s rare collection.

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