Depending on your perspective, the Grenouille – French for “frog” – is either the cutest or the oddest mascot of the Lalique collection. Or possibly both!

Within the context of the Lalique hood ornament collection though, amongst the rams, birds, horses, fish and foxes, it really isn’t that odd at all.

In fact, the majority of the iconic statues are animals.

Still, one does have to wonder why a luxury vehicle owner would choose to place a glass frog on the hood of his fine automobile.

Released in 1928, “The Grenouille”, Model 1146, is exceptionally life-like. The frog sits poised on an incorporated round base, long amphibian toes resting gently on the glass foundation, its expression contemplative – possibly wondering what he’s doing flying down the road on the front of a luxury automobile.

Measuring just two and a half inches tall, this tiny frog appears most often in clear and frosted glass, and has sold for a mere hundred or so dollars to figures exceeding $10,000 depending on condition.

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