In this Lalique Mascot Feature, we’re going to take a look at the delicate Hirondelle, or as it’s known in English, the Swallow. René Lalique captures the essence of the bird perfectly in this elegant sculpture, its body tilted forward with beak facing down as if in a courteous bow, it’s fanned tail and wings thrust upward in a graceful arc to show off its impressive plumage.

The Swallow was created in 1928 and bears the model number 1143. It is one of the lower valued mascots from the Lalique collection, with most currently found for sale in the $1,500 to $5,000 range. There are Hirondelle statues on the market in both clear glass and a combination of clear and frosted glass.

The Swallow is one of the smaller birds created by Lalique, with his other avian mascots taking the larger forms of eagles, falcons, peacocks, roosters and owls. With almost a third of the full Lalique car mascot collection being made up of birds, one can only assume that Lalique had a genuine fondest of our feathered friends.

Standing some six inches tall, the dainty swallow is one of Lalique’s loveliest hood ornament creations.

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