No, that isn’t a typo in the headline. There are in fact two Lévrier car mascots in the Lalique collection, although one is much rarer than the other.

The more common of the two is the commercially produced Lévrier or Greyhound in English. At just under eight inches long, the Greyhound is one of only three Lalique mascots molded into a flat disc. The two other radiator cap mascots with this design are The St. Christopher and The Archer.

The Lévrier depicts a lithe greyhound in mid stride with legs outstretched front and back, ears tucked, as it races towards its goal; presumably a finish line. One can only imagine that the symbolism appealed very much to the luxury sports car owner back in the day.

The hound is encased in a half oval, clear glass plaque, with the greyhound itself designed most often in frosted glass to contrast the clear glass of the disc. Model 1141 was created in 1928. Many of the examples on the market today are still mounted on traditional Breves Galleries mounts, and fetch anywhere from $1,200 to $15,000 and beyond depending on condition.

The asking price on the Lévrier 1, is quite a bit more. Like hundreds of thousands more.

Although the Lévrier 1 is a different design, it is the history and rarity of the piece that makes it so much more valuable. It is a non-commercial model that was designed in 1929 for Prince George, who went on to become the Duke of Kent. Today, there is only one known example, which went to auction with Christies in 2012 with an estimate of 300,000 – 500,000 GBP ($400,000 to $687,000 US dollars today).

The Lévrier 1 is a more elegant design than its sibling, with the crystal greyhound perched on top of the plaque rather than encased, its body arched as if soaring across a hurdle. Instead of a curved shape like the Lévrier, the glass plaque on Lévrier 1 has straight edges, giving it a more aerodynamic and contemporary feel than the half-oval greyhound statue.

The rare Lévrier 1 is reported by The Robb Report (robbreport.com) as having been purchased in 2016 by Gerard Smith, a Californian-based entrepreneur, for over $500,000.

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