The Longchamp is unique in that it was the only mascot from the Lalique hood ornament collection to be produced in two versions: Longchamp A, model 1152-A and Longchamp B, model number 1152-B. Both models depict an open-mouthed horse head, although the designs are actually quite different.

Longchamp A is rather realistic looking and features a more intricate design of the mane, which is sometimes referred to as a “double mane”, while the second version is much more angular and surreal looking, with a larger, simpler “single mane” design. The Longchamp A was released in 1929 with the B following some time later. It is assumed that fewer of the second version were produced as examples of them today are far rarer than the earlier model.

Both Longchamp mascots were designed in frosted and clear glass, and many were purchased as pairs, mounted to heavy square bases and used as bookends in the homes of their wealthy owners. Approximately 5 inches high and 6 inches long, they were perfect for display in private libraries and on the hoods of luxury automobiles for which they were designed.

As with all Lalique car mascots, price can vary widely depending on the condition of the statue and the current market. Longchamp mascots can be found listed for just a few thousand dollars up to US$25,000 and higher, either as single statues or as a pair.

Stay tuned for more Lalique mascot history as we continue our feature series on the entire collection.