La Naïade, which translates to water nymph in English, depicts a delightful mermaid statue. Her kneeling figure crouches slightly forward, tail tucked beneath her as she listens intently to a conch shell held up to her ear. The piece is incredibly ornate with exquisite detail bringing her face to life amidst a tumble of long curls, and finely etched scales detailing the mermaid’s tail. Lalique’s Naïade is both sensuous and joyful, bringing the myth of the mermaid to life perfectly in glass.

Standing at a dainty 5.25 inches, Model 832 was first produced in 1920 and can be found in clear glass and opalescence. The latter is produced by a technique that involves cooling the glass at a slower rate which causes crystallization inside the glass, giving it a semi-opaque or milky appearance. The opalescent effect is seen when light is shone on the glass, illuminating any colorations within the glass. Depending on the angle of the light applied, the opalescent glass in each Lalique piece may appear a deep satin blue color or a glowing gold. In the Naïade, both colors are often visible throughout the piece at the same time under the right lighting.

Examples of the Naïade found for sale at the time of writing were listed at estimated prices from $2,000 to $8,000, although the type of glass (clear VS opalescent), condition and any history of a specific piece can increase or decrease the value, along of course with the biggest precursor of price, supply and demand.

For the avid Lalique car mascot collector though, the value of each piece cannot be counted in dollars alone, as there is no price tag on the enjoyment of a beautiful piece such as this, nor the joy that comes from collecting art.

Stay tuned for more Lalique hood ornament features as we make our way through the entire Lalique collection.