Although perhaps one of the more odd choices to “perch” on the hood of your automobile, the Perche car mascot is in fact one of the more commonly found Lalique statues.

Standing at 7.25 inches, the fish design is incredible ornate, with scales and fins completed in the finest detail. Set on a round base and poised at a slight upward angle, it would make a wonderfully abstract statement piece on a car or in the home. The latter is actually where you were more likely to find the Perche back in the Lalique car mascot heyday, as it was sold more often as a paperweight than a radiator cap mascot.

The Perche statue was developed in many color variations including clear, amber, blue and white opalescent, and amber and white opalescent glass. The design lends itself very well to the opalescent technique and both the amber and blue are quite stunning when lit up by strategic placed lights.

This Lalique Model Number 1158 was created in April, 1929, and today there are a number on the market priced up to US$6,000 or more each. The rarer amber and opalescent versions typically have a higher price tag than the clear glass examples, although as always, condition plays a big part in the asking price and ultimate selling price, along with the forces of supply and demand.

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