Sometimes good things come in small and big sizes. This is certainly true of the Libellule Grande and the Libellule Petite, René Lalique’s large and small dragonfly car mascots.

The small dragonfly is model number 1144. Spanning a little over six inches in length, the small dragonfly is three inches tall with an incorporated round base. Often created in clear and frosted glass, the petite statue depicts a dragonfly with crouched body and lower mid-wings sweeping backwards as if preparing to take to the wind. The detail is exquisite, with a textured design across the wings adding depth and complexity to the modernist craftsmanship.

As with all Lalique car mascots, the value of a small dragonfly hood ornament largely depends on condition, however, current market auction prices are listed at anywhere from US$800 to $12,500

The larger sibling to the Libellule Petite is of course grander in scale, but also in design. With this statue, Lalique captures the dragonfly with colossal wings thrust upward, it’s body prone, head dipped, as if gathering momentum for its giant leap into the air.

Standing some eight and a half inches tall and eight inches long, the large dragonfly is one of the most impressive of the collection. It was also one of the car mascots most likely to be illuminated, which many owners did to make their hood ornaments look even more striking. The intricate veins of the giant glowing wings are an incredible sight when the statue is mounted to a colored light, which illuminates it from the base upward.

Most of the Libellule Grande hood ornaments on the market today were created in clear and frosted glass, although gorgeous examples of model 1145 can be found with an amethyst tint as well. Depending on condition, the piece generally commands high prices than the petite version, with prices often ranging from to $2,500 to $18,000 or higher.

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