Just like your everyday driver, classic cars require maintenance. In fact, because they aren’t driven regularly, classic cars require special maintenance. You can’t just buy a classic car, stick it in the garage and forget about it in-between the odd Sunday drive. Properly maintaining classic cars requires a scheduled maintenance program and thoughtful storage.

  1. Drive it. That’s right, getting your classic car out on the road regularly is one of the best things you can do for it. Aim for at least once a month. This will keep your car running properly, plus, you get to enjoy yourself. That’s what you bought a classic car for, right?
  1. Store It Properly. Your classic car should be stored in a dry, temperature controlled environment out of direct sunlight. Moisture, cold, heat, and sunlight can accelerate the deterioration of a vehicle, so keep your car out of the elements.
  1. Check The Fluids. While regular check-ups should keep your classic car in great shape, it’s important to check and maintain the fluids on a consistent basis. Be sure to check the oil, water and brake fluids before every drive, and make sure you schedule regular engine oil, transmission fluid and differential oil changes. You also need to ensure that once a year the brake fluid is replaced and the coolant is flushed.
  1. Schedule Regular Tune Ups. A well-tuned engine will keep your classic car running for many years to come. Even if you undertake most of the maintenance yourself, make sure you have a qualified mechanic look it over every once in a while.
  1. Maintain Your Tires. Tire damage in the form of flat spots can be a real issue for cars that are not driven frequently. To avoid flat spots, move the car forwards or backwards by a couple of feet every few weeks. You should also check the tire pressure as tires can lose up to 2psi per month.
  1. Clean Your Car. Regular washing will go a long way to keeping the exterior of your classic car in top condition. This goes for the undercarriage too. Waxing the exterior is also important as it protects the paint as well as giving it that great shine – aim for at least twice a year. You can also protect the interior by keeping it clean and using leather and vinyl protectants.

Keep your classic car in good shape and you’ll have a vehicle that not only retains or continues to build value, but one that will be your pride and joy to take out on the road for many years to come.