Life Insurance for Business Owners

Although life insurance is important for most people, it can be critical for business owners. Often when you run your own business, you not only have your family depending on you, but partners and employees as well. Your death may put your family’s income at risk and...

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August Awareness Events

With summer still in full swing and families getting ready for back to school, August is a quieter month on the awareness event calendar than others, but there’s are still some significant campaigns going on.

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The Small Business Administration

Since its start as a lending program during the Great Depression, the mission of the Small Business Administration has been to support small businesses and their ability to compete and thrive with larger, more established businesses.

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An Introduction to Homeowners Insurance

Insurance in the United States has come a long way in since it was first introduced in the mid 1700’s by Benjamin Franklin and his Union Fire Company. One of the early advocates of insurance, Franklin began discussing his ideas with other fire-fighting groups in 1751,...

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